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Ways To Improve Sexual Performance? – Tips That Can Help You Perform Better In Bed

You are not the only man who dreams of and wishes to keep going at it all night long in bed. Men always seem to be in search of ways to improve their sexual performance, whether to resolve their existing problems in bed or to please and satisfy their partner in new ways. Although the market is full of male enhancement pills, men who want to become firmer and lengthen their duration in bed have plenty of other options that do not involve visiting the pharmacy.

Heart Health

It is blood pressure that makes your penis work. When signals are sent to the penis from the brain, blood flows into the vessels, causing them to become engorged, which is how the penis becomes erect. If you face trouble keeping your penis erect for long enough or if it goes prematurely limp, it means that the pressure cannot be sustained by the vessels for as long as desired. As a result of this, at times your penis may not even become fully erect. Fortunately, this can be rectified if you ensure that your circulatory system works at top shape. In other words, everything that is healthy for your heart is also a healthy way of improving your sexual performance.

Remain Active

Cardiovascular exercise is among the best ways of improving not only your health but also your sexual performance. Even though your heart rate automatically rises whenever you engage in intercourse, but regular exercise itself will help you improve your sexual performance since your heart will remain in shape. Spending thirty minutes every day to some sweat-breaking exercises, such as running, swimming, etc., will result in a significant boost in your libido and will improve your performance in the bedroom.

The Right Food

Along with exercising, eating certain foods will also boost the blood flow to your penis. These foods include:

Bananas: Bananas happen to be rich in potassium that can lower your blood pressure, which will boost your sexual performance and prove to be beneficial for your sexual organs.

Chilies & Peppers: Apart from chilies and peppers, nearly all naturally spicy foods can be helpful for blood flow since they reduce hypertension and inflammation.

Garlic & Onions: Although they may give you a bit of foul breath, these two foods are good for blood circulation.

You can also strengthen your erections by eating the following foods:

Eggs: Eggs happen to be rich in various B vitamins that help keep hormones levels in balance, as a result of which erection-inhibiting stress is reduced.

Omega-3 acids: Fish, such as salmon and tuna, and even avocados and olive oil contain omega-3 fatty acids that also boost blood flow.

Vitamin B1: One of the benefits of this vitamin is that it quickens the functions of the nervous system, including the signals that are sent to the penis from the brain. Foods like kidney beans, peanuts, and pork contain vitamin B1.

Reduce Stress

No doubt, every area of your health is negatively affected by stress, including your libido. Your heart rate is also increased in a negative way by stress, which will ruin both your sexual desire and performance. Again, you can reduce stress by exercising, as a result of which your health will also improve. You can also calm yourself if you talk about your stress, especially with your partner as this will strengthen your relationship. Bad habits like alcohol consumption and smoking are also triggered by stress, which can also damage your sexual performance.

Get Out In The Sun

You probably might be aware of the fact that your sexual engine gets revved up in the summer. The natural production of melatonin in the body is inhibited by the sun. This is the hormone that helps you sleep but it also puts out your sexual urges. Once natural melatonin production is inhibited, your sex drive will automatically awaken and you will be able to perform better in bed.


If the duration you last in bed is not as long as you and your partner wish it to be, then perhaps what you need is a bit of practice. Although you can improve your sexual longevity and performance by engaging in more sex, but masturbation can also help, depending on how you do it. Just like when you are with your partner in bed, your goal when masturbating is to make it last as long as possible until you climax.


The bottom line is that sex is a two-way street, which means that both yours and your partner’s desires matter for it to be pleasurable for both of you. This also means that the better you perform in bed, the more pleasurable it will be for you and your partner. So, you can follow the above tips to improve your sexual performance.

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