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How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Despite all those wonder’ drugs like Viagra, there are still millions of men today suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or rather impotence. Though not many men discuss the condition, it is rather common especially as men age. So if you too suffer from the condition, you obviously need to know how to deal with erectile dysfunction.

You should first realize that ED is a condition where you get an erection sufficient for sexual penetration, but which however does not satisfy you. This is not similar to suffering from premature ejaculation, loss of sexual appetite or lack of orgasm.

Possible causes

There are various factors that lead to ED, where some are psychological and others, medical. Stress, difficulties at home or the office are some of its common causes. It is only if you realize the cause for your problem will you be able to treat it. In case you are not sure what your problem is, then you could:

Consult your doctor who will be able to find out what triggers your case of ED, and find a solution for you. In case it is a psychological cause, you have to look for ways of overcoming these factors to get your life back to normal. Your doctor will also check your medical history for signs of ED related diseases.

Some drugs used for recreation or treatment purposes like hormones, muscle relaxants, diuretics, beta-blockers and tricyclic anti-depressants can trigger erection dysfunction problems. Even addictive substances can lead to ED, which is why it’s better to discontinue using these substances to get treated for erectile dysfunction.

Some diseases and conditions like diabetes mellitus and vascular diseases account for 40% of ED problems. Even surgeries involving the pelvis or genitals and injuries to the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis and endocrine problems can all cause impotence.

Treatment options

Various drugs that are taken orally or through injections help treat the physical problems of impotence. Examples are Sildenafil or Viagra which are prescribed for safe usage help treat ED, as long as you do not take nitrates for heart problems. Some drugs are injected directly into the penis to produce an erection that lasts for about an hour.

Hormone treatments like Alprostadil helps resolve ED in men and is administered by needle or with the help of a suppository. Some men undergo testosterone replacement therapy to treat their condition.

Treatment devices

Devices like vacuum or constriction rings help in getting and holding an erection. Some implants can also be inserted into semi-rigid or inflatable penises for more control. If the cause for erectile dysfunction is a physical one, there are many different kinds and types of devices that can help treat the condition. Penis pumps also help treat ED, which involves putting a tube over the penis and pumping air out to make blood flow into the penis and create an erection.

As ED can lead to relationship problems and make a man lose his self-confidence, counseling for you and your partner can help, especially if you need reassurance to overcome the problem. In critical life phases like this, the man requires all the support possible, especially from his partner.

Educating yourself about the condition makes you feel empowered and more in control of the situation. Use the help of online resources, medical journals and self-help books to learn all about the cases, treatments and recommendations for this health problem.

Lifestyle changes

Use your imagination and feelings to connect sexually in other ways with your partner. Participate in sexual activities that do not require an erection to help you feel sexually satisfied and consequently, confident in your abilities in pleasuring your partner without any pressures for performing.

Changing your lifestyle helps as healthy lifestyle changes affect your sexual abilities. Changes worth making are quitting smoking, exercising or doing some physical activities and losing excessive weight.

If required, you may have to undergo psychotherapy to reduce anxiety relating to sexual intercourse.


As a last resort, there are some surgical options available to treat erectile dysfunction. One procedure helps alter arteries to increase blood flow to the penis and vascular surgery blocks off all the veins that allow leakage of blood from penile tissues.

Now that you know how to deal with erectile dysfunction, it is important that you do not worry about any erection problems. Share it with your partner and consult your doctor for the best and right treatment option available.

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